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The UnstructuredIntelligence Platform

Unite data and metadata

Unite unstructured data and metadata in data frames · Code in Python and SQL · Version your data frames · Share with your team

Storage as one source of truth

Eliminate data copies · Get rid of intermediate storage layers and subcharges · Tighten compliance and security · Unify data access and governance across clouds

Wrangle data with AI

Run any model from HuggingFace · Call LLMs from Google, Anthropic, and OpenAI · Bring your own models to transform any data

CPU + GPU compute

Dynamic worker clusters · Only pay for GPU workloads when you need it · Never process the same data twice

DVCx Visualization

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Version control your data and ML experiments

Reproduce experiments and pipelines instantly with a single command. Use any language, framework, cloud, and storage. Version and manage all data and metrics using your Git as a single source of truth.

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Automate compute resources across any cloud

Automate provisioning of training resources for experiments. Train models using any cloud or on-premises infrastructure with a single click. Generate training reports automatically, stored as Git pull requests.

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Track and manage your ML experiments

Share knowledge and create custom dashboards of models for your team. Visualize and track experiments.