Logo and Brand Assets

Grab our official DVC brand resources and learn about usage guidelines. The zip file includes color, black and white logos and icons in SVG and PNG.

Usage guidelines


  • Use these logos and icons to link to Iterative websites
  • Use these logos and icons in a blog post or news article about Iterative products
  • Use these logos and icons to advertise integrations between your product and Iterative products
  • Leave space around the logo from other objects to give the logo breathing room and prevent it from looking cluttered


  • Use these logos and icons to brand your own website or application
  • Manipulate the logos and icons or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with Iterative
  • Use any other artwork from our site without giving credit with proper link to source

Official colors

Use these colors to emphasize advertising materials associated with Iterative and our products.
Medium Purple

Colors work on both dark and light backgrounds.