April ’21 Heartbeat

Monthly updates are here! Read all about new lessons and a tutorials from our community, DVC's use in longevity research, our CEO's interviews and talk at the Toronto Machine Learning Society, new team members, and more!

  • Jeny De Figueiredo
  • April 16, 20213 min read
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From the Community

We're starting with the community this month because it has been overflowing with great content from our users. It's like we're on a sugar high!

Sugar High

Goku Mohandas' New Lessons!

First up, Goku Mahandas of Made With ML has added this Versioning Lesson to the popular MLOps Course using DVC.
It's RT'ing around the MLOps Twitter space like hotcakes! 🥞

MLOps - Versioning Code, Data and Models

Using DVC to version data and models for reproducibility in a local storage use case
MLOps - Versioning Code, Data and Models

Ryzal Kamis Tutorial

Ryzal Kamis of AI Singapore has created an in depth tutorial on data versioning using DVC. This is a follow up article to his tutorial that was featured in the September Heartbeat. Thanks Ryzal for this detailed work! 🙏🏼

Data Versioning for CD4ML - Part 2

Complete tutorial for beginning continuous integration, automated testing and versioning, experiment tracking, reproducing the model training pipeline and creating a Flask app for predictive use of the model
Data Versioning for CD4ML - Part 2

DVC used to help in Research published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences 🧑🏻‍🔬

Anton Kulaga and his team used DVC pipeline tracking in their research that selects genes connected with maximum lifespan in mammals. You can check out the paper here as well as their pipeline use case here and their GitHub repository.

See the diagram of the research below.👇🏼

longevity study longevity research diagram

DAGsHub ❤️ DVC Colab Notebook

The DevRel team at DAGsHub made this cool notebook that trains a model to classify email as either 'Ham' or 'Spam.' The notebook shows how to integrate DAGsHub remote storage with DVC to track code and data files.

good stuff

En Español

Yurely Camacho of Open Science Labs created this blog post on DVC and the advantages of using it for our Spanish speaking friends! ¡Olé!💃🏻

Qué es el Data Version Control y por qué es necesario que tu equipo sepa cómo utilizarlo

Advantages to using DVC for data version control and team collaboration
Qué es el Data Version Control y por qué es necesario que tu equipo sepa cómo utilizarlo

DVC News

Pick a card, any card… You have not 1, but 3 interviews and talks to choose from this Heartbeat:

Spoiler alert ⚠️: You can't choose wrong!

And we keep on growing our worldwide team! 🌏

We are getting to the point where our new hires could take up our whole Heartbeat! 😅🚀💗

Julie Galvan joins our team from Houston, Texas as an engineer. She is focused on web development. In her free time Julie loves reading, especially fantasy fiction (Harry Potter #6 was fav) and paper crafting. Welcome Julie!🎉

Matt Seddon joins us from Down Under as a DVC front-end engineer! 🦘 He lives in Kiama, a small town on the East Coast of Australia. Originally from Scotland, when he's not programming he likes to spend time with his family away from screens (😅🙌🏼) and he volunteers for the state emergency service. 🤲🏼

Yanxiang Gao (who graciously allows us to call him Gao) joins us from Hangzhou, China as new DVC engineer. Gao has a Masters in Physics and has previously worked as a Machine Learning engineer in Chinese tech companies using DVC. He has been a long time contributor to DVC and we are so glad to have him on the team now!🎉

Daniel Kharitonov joins us from Stanford, California as a Technical Product Manager Intern. Daniel graduated from Stanford with Masters CS / AI and PhD MS&E degrees. His previous industry roles involved working on core routing products at juniper.net, medical image augmentation with GANs, and synth data generation for autonomous vehicles. Welcome to the team Daniel! 🙌🏼

Last but not least joining just this week, Milecia McGregor joins us as a Developer Advocate from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Milecia has a background in mechanical and aerospace engineering, some machine learning on autonomous vehicles, and basically everything that the web touches. She also practices kung fu in her free time.🥋🙇🏻‍♀️ We think that's "Oklahoma, OK!" 👌🏼

Open Positions

Even with all our new hires, we're still building!

Check out our three open roles for:

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Next Meetup

Don't miss our Meetup April 28th at 3:00pm UTC, where we will be demo-ing Pipelines and CML! Bring your questions! We're here to help!

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