February ’21 Heartbeat

Monthly updates are here! Read all about our growing team, our CEO's interview on The New Stack, integration with spaCy and more!

  • Jeny De Figueiredo
  • February 16, 20213 min read
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Happy February! Here's all the news to keep you up to date.

We've hired and are still hiring!

We have four new team members this month!

Dave Berenbaum came to Iterative.ai by way of a previous contribution to our open source products while working as a Data Science Manager at Captial One. He joins the team as a Technical Product Manager. We are thrilled he's here!

Batuhan Taskaya joins us as a DVC Software Engineer working on the Python core. Batuhan is excited to work on open source full time and we are excited to have him do so!

Jeny De Figueiredo is involved in the Seattle area data science community at Data Circles and is a WiDS Puget Sound Ambassador. She joins us as our new Community Manager and is looking forward to further building and engaging the community in MLOps! (Hi! This is me. 🙋🏻‍♀️ I'll be writing Heartbeat!)

Roger Parent has already been a big part of building DVC and CML. He has been a primary developer of a UI that interfaces with the DVC Python application to provide an interface with the Experiments feature that's coming out with DVC 2.0. We are so excited to have him joining us full time as Software Engineer.


Open Positions

We are on the hunt for a TypeScript Front-End Engineer to build SaaS and a VS Code UI for our popular machine learning tools: DVC and CML. The ML tools ecosystem is what JS space was 10 years ago. Come join us on this exciting project!

Our search continues for a Developer Advocate to support and inspire developers by creating new content like blogs, tutorials, and videos - plus lead outreach through meetups and conferences.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Be in touch!

Susan Hall of The New Stack.io interviewed our very own CEO, Dmitry Petrov, discussing the needs of ML engineers and how Iterative.ai makes tools to enable version control and CI/CD for versioning data and ML models.

"ML engineers, they still need collaboration. They need GitHub for collaboration, they need this CI/CD system to resolve [issues] between each other, between the team and productions system." - Dmitry Petrov

Learning Tools for ML Engineers

Susan Hall
Learning Tools for ML Engineers

Workshops and Talks

Developer Advocacy for Data Science

So you saw the post further up. 👆🏽 Curious about developer advocacy or what to look for in a hire for this position? Elle O'Brien dove into this recently with Alexey Grigorev (author of a Data Science Bookcamp) in this podcast on DataTalks.club You can watch it here below. 👇🏼

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From the Community

As ever, we have much to share from the great citizens of the DVC community.

spaCy and DVC Integration

If your NLP team uses spaCy to manage your projects, with spaCy's release of v3.0, you can now enjoy DVC integration to manage your workflow like Git! Check out the documentation here to streamline and track your process! 🏆

spaCy Integration

spaCy Integration with DVC
spaCy Integration

DagsHub and DVC Integrations

This month two great articles came out regarding the integration of DAGsHub and DVC. First, this article: [Datasets Should Behave Like Git Repo walks you through the steps to use DVC in your data versioning. The following image shows the dependencies and how you simply need to do a dvc update each time your dataset or model changes to track the process.

Datasets Should Behave Like Git Repositories

Steps to use DVC in your data versioning
Datasets Should Behave Like Git Repositories

Did you say "Works Out of the Box?"

Also from DAGsHub, by CEO Dean Pleban, Free Dataset & Model Hosting with Zero Configuration - Launching DAGsHub Storage tells how their new DAGsHub storage is a DVC remote that requires zero configuration (!) and will allow for team and organization access controls as well as easy visibility.


Model Management and ML Workflow Orchestration with DVC and Apache Airflow 🇩🇪 ❗️

We're really excited about a German language workshop led by Matthias Niehoff! The workshop will be a part of the ML Summit 2021 taking place April 19-21st, but registration closes February 18th. So time is ticking. ⏰ The Conference is online, but will be in German. For more info, head here 👉🏽 for the Workshop Details.

Using DVC as a Lightweight Feature Store on Spell by Aleksey Bilogur , reviews the process of using DVC with Spell for managing changing datasets, enabling team-wide data reproducibility and why Spell fans are DVC fans, and vice versa. 🔄


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You're all caught up! See you at the next Community Gems 💎!

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