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    New Video! 🎥 Reimagining DevOps for Machine Learning
    A talk about CI/CD with fuzzy animals.
    • Elle O'Brien
    • Mar 31, 20201 min read
    Join DVC for Google Summer of Code 2020
    A call for student applications for Google Summer of Code 2020.
    • Elle O'Brien
    • Feb 04, 20204 min read for Hacktoberfest 2019
    Our favorite month of the year Hacktoberfest is already in full swing and we at are so excited to be a part of it!
    • Svetlana Grinchenko
    • Oct 08, 20193 min read
    DVC project ideas for Google Season of Docs 2019 is applying for Google Season of Docs — a new and unique program sponsored by Google that pairs technical writers with open source projects to collaborate on the open source project documentation.
    • Svetlana Grinchenko
    • Apr 23, 20196 min read
    Data Version Control in Analytics DevOps Paradigm
    Why DevOps matters in data science, what specific challenges data scientists face in the day to day work, and how do we setup a better environment for the team.
    • George Vyshnya
    • Jul 27, 20174 min read