Turn Your Favorite IDE into a Full Machine Learning Experimentation Platform

The DVC extension for VS Code converts your favorite IDE into a one-stop shop for all your ML tasks. Run and track experiments, visualize and compare experiments to discover the best models, and manage reproducible pipelines - all from the comfort of your IDE.

  • Tapa Dipti Sitaula
  • November 16, 20232 min read
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Manage experiments directly from VS Code

Need an easy way to run and track your experiments? Install the DVC extension from the VS Code marketplace. Then, run experiments, visualize deep learning metrics in real-time, compare experiments, and save the ones you like - all from your IDE.

Run Python fileRun a Python file and see results

Want to simplify your chaotic ML iterations? With the DVC extension, you can run reproducible workflows directly from VS Code.

Run a new experimentRun a new experiment directly from VS Code

Live plots let you visualize metrics from these runs in real-time.

View plots in real-timeView plots in real-time

To make it easy for you to create the workflows, the extension even auto-generates code snippets.

Auto-generate pipeline specificationsAuto-generate pipeline specifications

Tired of context switching throughout the day? The integration of DVC with VS Code empowers you to do everything from within your IDE. No more jumping from notebooks to the terminal to IDE to web browsers to Git.

Why a DVC extension for VS Code?

DVC has helped individual ML developers and teams in companies like UBS, DeGould, Exscientia, Kibsi and many more to standardize their ML workflows on top of their cloud resources and Git repositories.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is, by far, the most popular IDE for all developers, including ML engineers.

StackOverflow survey Source: StackOverflow survey 2022

The DVC extension makes VS Code even more useful for you by providing you a VS Code-native environment for managing your ML projects. You get the power of DVC with capabilities beyond what's available in the terminal!

With over 34 thousand installs, the extension is proven to help you solve the challenges of creating and managing your Machine Learning workflows.

DVC extension in the VS Code marketplace DVC extension in the VS Code marketplace

Getting started with the DVC extension for VS Code

To install the extension, open VS Code and search for "DVC" in the Extensions view. Or install the extension from the VS Code marketplace.

Now, create a DVC repository for your machine learning project and start experimenting! Here’s how to do this:

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To see all the DVC commands supported by the extension, open the DVC Command Palette using F1 or ⇧⌃P on Windows/Linux or ⇧⌘P on macOS and typing DVC.

It’s always getting better!

Over the last one year, we’ve made several enhancements in the DVC extension for VS Code. For some of the interesting stuff you can do with it, watch the videos here. As a mark of the extension reaching a new level of maturity, today we have launched it in Product Hunt. It would be awesome if you check it out and leave us some feedback and support!

We are excited to see how the DVC VS Code extension helps you simplify your ML workflows. For more information:

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