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    Google Season of Docs

    May ’20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
    Catch up on new DVC releases, talks, and projects in our community. This month, learn about new features in the DVC 1.0 release, ways to get involved, and more from the intersection of data science and software engineering.
    • Elle O'Brien
    • May 14, 20204 min read
    Join DVC for Google Season of Docs 2020
    A call for writer applications for Google Season of Docs 2020.
    • Jorge Orpinel Pérez
    • Apr 30, 20206 min read
    May ’19 DVC❤️Heartbeat
    DVC accepted into Google Season of Docs 🎉, Dmitry's talk at the O’Reilly AI Conference, new portion of Discord gems, and articles either created or brought to us by our community.
    • Svetlana Grinchenko
    • May 21, 20197 min read
    DVC project ideas for Google Season of Docs 2019 is applying for Google Season of Docs — a new and unique program sponsored by Google that pairs technical writers with open source projects to collaborate on the open source project documentation.
    • Svetlana Grinchenko
    • Apr 23, 20196 min read