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    Tutorial: Scalable and Distributed ML Workflows with DVC and Ray on AWS (Part 2)
    Need to setup DVC to work with Ray Cluster on AWS? This tutorial has you covered!
    • Mikhail Rozhkov
    • Mar 13, 202416 min read
    Tutorial: Scalable and Distributed ML Workflows with DVC and Ray (Part 1)
    This tutorial introduces you to integrating DVC (Data Version Control) with Ray, turning them into your go-to toolkit for creating automated, scalable, and distributed ML pipelines.
    • Mikhail Rozhkov
    • Mar 12, 202415 min read
    Running DVC on a SLURM cluster
    Learn how Exscientia uses DVC experiments on a cloud-deployed SLURM cluster to scale their ML experimentation.
    • Dom Miketa
    • Mar 11, 20248 min read
    Leveraging LLMs in Chatbots: The DVC Approach
    Read how DVC can optimize the development process for chatbots built on Large Language Models.
    • Ryan Turner
    • Sep 25, 20236 min read
    Fine-Tuning Large Language Models with a Production-Grade Pipeline
    This post describes a production ML pipeline for fine-tuning large language models using DVC, SkyPilot, HuggingFace Transformers, and quantization techniques.
    • Alex Kim
    • Sep 08, 202310 min read
    Automate model deployment to Amazon SageMaker with the DVC Model Registry
    DVC provides a Git-based mechanism to automate model deployment from an intuitive web UI.
    • Tapa Dipti Sitaula
    • Aug 30, 20236 min read
    Managing OpenFOAM Physical Simulations with DVC, CML, and Studio (Part 2)
    In this second part, we discuss how to utilize cloud computing resources and visualize simulation data with CML and Iterative Studio.
    • Mikhail Rozhkov
    • May 10, 20236 min read
    Automate Your ML Pipeline: Combining Airflow, DVC, and CML for a Seamless Batch Scoring Experience
    This tutorial shows you how to supercharge your batch scoring workflow by harnessing the power of Aiflow, DVC and CML.
    • Mikhail Rozhkov
    • Mar 22, 202310 min read
    MLEM + Modal + nanoGPT
    Train and deploy your own GPT model in 2 easy steps!
    • Mike Sveshnikov
    • Feb 08, 20232 min read